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A few of my films; I'm proud to offer something a little different.

Saturday 26th June 2021 | 'The Day'

I was sent pictures of Alastair's parents house which is where the reception 

was to be held, but I was blown away turning up to see what they had created! 

Chantal got ready in her families beautiful home and it was dream to film.

Their ceremony was accompanied by a gospel choir and the stage was set.

It was emotional day for the family, and I wanted to capture this in the best way I could.

After the ceremony myself and the Lovely photographer Sarah Lincoln followed Chantal & Ali to Windsor Great Park. They walked around, and we got a couple of lovely bits.

Then on to the glorious garden reception which was played out by the gospel choir and Chantal's sister.

After a few beautiful words in the toasts the awesome band took over and they PARTIED hard.


I really enjoyed creating their film, what a beautiful couple.

We worked alongside the lovely..


Second Videographer - Josh Byrd |

Photographer - Sarah Lincoln |

Gospel Choir - Get Gospel |



Their Film:

Final film..00_00_59_21.Still004.jpg
Final film. Stills.00_15_32_07.Still015.jpg
Final film. Stills.00_11_47_01.Still014.jpg
Final film..00_00_28_22.Still003.jpg
Final film. Stills.00_04_24_16.Still009.jpg
Final film. Stills.00_03_36_24.Still008.jpg

Saturday 5th May 2018 | 'The Day'

Alexandra grew up in the beautiful Meon Valley in Hampshire;

she then moved to London and it was at work she met the lovely Bradley.

After a few years they decided to leave the hustle and move back to where she was brought up.

It was in this small village in the deep Meon landscape that they chose to invite 

 their close family and friends for their magical wedding day.


Their only wish was to keep their ceremony between themselves and for us to capture the moments

before & after. Orchestrated by the lovely family caterers at Smallpiece catering..

(And obviously Alexandra and her mother Beverley) 




They created a day which was a pleasure to film, they dined and laughed at Hill Place.

Everyone was there for them; it was real.

We worked alongside the lovely..

Second Videographer - Josh Byrd |

Ann & Gemma Smallpiece |

Photographer - Angela Ward-Brown


Their Film: 

Sequence 07.00_06_37_21.Still017.png
Sequence 07.00_01_27_06.Still003.png
Sequence 07.00_17_00_16.Still028.png
Sequence 07.00_03_18_10.Still007.png
Sequence 07.00_06_49_12.Still020.png
Sequence 07.00_00_15_17.Still002.png

Saturday 15th June 2019 | 'The Journey'

I received a lovely message from Elliot asking to chat; I didn't realise his wedding would 

be as beautiful as it was. 

Set just outside Guildford in Surrey we were directed to a gate, with an horizon which made us

instantly inspired. Elliot & Kate chose to incorporate the ancient ritual of hand fastening, with Kate's veil blowing in the wind it felt magical. 

Main film.00_01_34_23.Still005.jpg
Main film.00_18_31_17.Still022.jpg
Main film.00_26_55_21.Still023.jpg
Main film.00_28_20_07.Still026.jpg
Main film.00_14_34_01.Still020.jpg
Main film.00_03_04_13.Still011.jpg

Elliot & Kate jumped into a little buggy, their guests followed them down a short path 

to expose a festival like reception. The rain poured for a short while, everyone embraced it

and partied on. The toasts were a delight, Kate's father started with some lovely words followed by Elliot with a list of names Kate calls him. The boys carried

on with some hilarious early stories. 

The party went onto the late hours. Wow!! - it was such a beautiful day to film!

We worked alongside the lovely..

Second Videographer - Josh Byrd |

Photographer - Katy Tanner |

Florist - Emma Hawkins |

Jewellery |

Make up

Gents attire - Elliot's Mum! |

Band |

Silent Disco -

Love My Dress feature -

Their Film:


Saturday 2nd June 2018 | 'Highlights'

Short Films.00_01_09_22.Still005.jpg
Full Film Re-Edit.00_09_02_13.Still002.j
Short Films.00_03_01_11.Still007.jpg
Short Films.00_03_19_16.Still008.jpg

Leyla and I met prior to the day, and she told me that Matt had planned a stand up routine for his speech;

she didn't know what to expect.. It only turned out he was hilarious and brought everyone to tears.

They got married in the beautiful Islington Town Hall, followed by a bus ride to the Crypt on the green which was converted underneath a church. Everyone gathered outside for Pimms and Cornhole before Leyla & Matt were led by a Turkish flute & percussionist into the main party!

They were then entertained by Mauritian Sega Dancers and were fed by 'The BBQ chef of the year'

The guests and my team were treated to such a great night, luckily we were there to film it!

We had SO much fun filming Leyla & Matt's big day; everyone was lovely and it was a pleasure to film!

Second Videographer - Josh Byrd |

Photographer - Libby Christensen Photography |

Ceremony venue - Islington Town Hall |

Reception venue - Crypt on the Green |

Turkish Flute & Percussion |

Caterers |

Their Film:

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